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Designing custom furniture pieces is our lifeblood. We are inspired by the creative process that brings each individual piece of furniture to life and passionate about creating living, functional works of art for the home and office. Whether you need a special item to suit a particular shape or you simply want something unique for your home, we can design, build and deliver a piece that’s perfect.

A piece of custom furniture not only provides you with a practical element for your home or office but also gives you a visual statement piece that will make friends, family and visitors go “wow!”. We can design items of furniture to suit the style of your home and the other works of art within the space.

If you know what you want, we’ll apply our expertise and specialist knowledge to design and create a piece for you. If you don’t know what you want, but you know what you like, let us apply our creative genius to solving your problem and we’ll come up with a unique item of furniture that will not only make an impact within your home, but will be an investment you can pass on for generations.

The art of custom furniture design has been much neglected with decades of cheap, flat-packed furniture dominating the market. But we believe our customers recognise the value of an investment in a custom item of furniture and that our designs will be cherished and appreciated as they are handed down through your family.

If you are passionate about good design, quality materials and hand-crafted manufacturing processes then a visit to the Acrylber Designer Furniture Gallery showroom is a must. We’re located at Unit 8, 39 Beringarra Ave, Malaga WA and it’s best to make an appointment so we can be sure to set aside the time to understand your needs and start the creative process.

The best place to keep up to date with our latest designs and what we’re working on is to follow our Facebook page and Instagram feed. Here we regularly post ideas, progress shots and finished items as well as being a place for us to share our love of good design.

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