Acrylber Designer Furniture Gallery was established in 2019. The inspiration for the business came from winning an award with a custom furniture piece that was entered into the Australian Cabinet & Furniture Association (ACFA) 2019 Industry Awards. Named the Luna TV cabinet, this amazing piece of furniture wowed the judges and the piece won in its category of “Best Freestanding Furniture”.

Designed by owner Dave Nesbit, the Luna TV cabinet was intended as a side project only but the overwhelming response and interest shown convinced Dave there was a market for people seeking individual, unique, custom pieces of furniture as they would seek works of art for their homes or offices.

Dave has been passionate about working with wood since he was a teenager starting his cabinet making apprenticeship in Perth. He has recently enjoyed also working with solid surface and playing with the visual effect of pairing a traditional material (wood) with a more modern material (solid surface). Dave takes his inspiration from a variety of areas and all the pieces created to date have started from a simple idea and expanded as the design took shape.

Each design starts with a vision, then Dave carefully works out the construction method and mix of materials, before embarking on building the item. For this reason, custom furniture pieces can take up to two months or more to be realised. The Luna cabinet started life as a sketch on a napkin and then Dave took his time to work out how the drawers and the shape could be crafted. Another of Dave’s creations – named the KL for Kuala Lumpur where it was conceived – was imagined while Dave was on holiday. He had previously played with the “Z” shape for a table and chair legs so he decided to see if this approach would work for a hall cabinet.

Acrylber Designer Furniture Gallery now boasts its own showroom with pieces which can be purchased from the floor or customers can request commissioned pieces as needed. The brand-new showroom will open its doors on 9th January 2021 and all are welcome.

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